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Paulson specializes in a wide variety of online plastics training courses for the injection molder, extruder, blow molder, thermoformer, and PET Injection Stretch Blow Molder (PET-ISBM). Individuals learn at their own pace, with training available anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Each Paulson course incorporates innovative learning tools like interactive instruction and pioneering molding simulation with Paulson’s powerful SimTech Injection Molding Machine Simulator. You will learn to “think” how to produce parts and not just guess. Over 80% of the top plastics processors in the world use Paulson programs and over 100 colleges and universities use Paulson courseware in their curricula. Plus, all of Paulson’s online courseware can easily support multiple languages.

Our intensive online training courses and seminars will help you and your team go further. Prepare your team today, select from the following online courses and get started. Training is the pathway to profitability.


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