Headquartered in Chester, Connecticut, Paulson Training Programs provides a broad range of in-plant interactive plastics industry training courses, world-wide e-learning solutions and Paulson expert-led seminars. These industry standard resources help injection molders, extrusion processors, blow molders, part designers and many other plastics professionals in the industry grow and compete on a global scale. It has always been our goal to provide convenient, high-quality, and affordable training solutions to every plastics processing plant, affordably and using the latest in training technology. We maintain our leadership position by investing heavily in our multimedia courseware and seminar development teams , maintaining fast, efficient same-day technical support and, most importantly, by listening to our customers.

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In the mid-to-late ’60’s Donald C. Paulson developed a plastics processing research laboratory at General Motors Institute (GMI), now known as the Kettering Institute, to determine the effects of plastics processing conditions on molded part properties. The results of his research created the foundation for plastics training for GM engineers and engineering students. His research proved that plastic processing is governed by the same physical laws as all other materials. There are just four basic plastic processing conditions that determine the molded part properties: Heat, Pressure, Flow, and Cooling. 

In 1977, Don branches out on his own after becoming a sought after plastics expert. And in 1981, Paulson Training Programs, Inc. is established providing video and seminar training for the molding industry emphasizing his critical research that molding is not just an art, but a science based on the same physical laws that govern all other material; that only four basic variables determine molded part properties. This is the core of Paulson’s fundamental teaching approach and what is known as teaching from the, “Plastics Point of View.” This knowledge when applied to experience can produce expert molders in months instead of years.

To date we have helped over 5,000 companies and 50,000 plastics professionals with training that is truly the best in its class – Powerful Training, Proven Results. Our extensive interactive courseware library provides solutions for every area of your company — from front office to shop floor. Paulson Training Programs is a total solution for all plastics processors and others in the plastic’s industry.

To do this we have and continue to provide exceptional content in hundreds of hours of training — in fact, we have the largest plastics training library in the world available from a single source. Next, we add user-friendly administrative functionality to manage it all. And then we finish it off with an easy-to-use, graphical interface that is fully hosted and available 24/7 from any device with an Internet connection.

Today, we offer comprehensive, web-based, interactive online training solutions for plastics processors, material suppliers, machine builders – virtually any company involved in the plastics industry.

Paulson Training is where all of the top plastics companies turn when they know they need the best training available anywhere.


“To help plastics manufacturers train all of their employees faster, cheaper and easier than any other training alternative even if those employees have no prior manufacturing or plastics industry experience”


To empower your work force.

Paulson Training Programs History
Paulson Training Programs History
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