Goals of this Course:

    • Use consistent set up and removal procedures
    • Exercise greater control over the molding process
    • Increase their awareness and safety in the mold handling stages
    • Eliminate careless mistakes

    This two-lesson course provides three hours of training of basic procedures on how to efficiently set up a mold, troubleshoot mold problems, and properly remove and prepare a mold for storage.

    Efficient Mold Setting is a course specifically designed to teach your employees valuable skills for the mold setting and removal stages of the injection molding process. This course teaches basic procedures on how to avoid damaging the mold during mold transportation, mold installation, start-up, production and shutdown. Efficient Mold Setting is excellent for new employees as well as a great refresher course for veteran molders.

    Lesson 1: Mold Installation and Set-Up Procedures

    This lesson explains procedures for transporting, installing, and setting up injection molds. This lesson also describes in detail, the safety procedures involved when working with molds, moving the mold from the storage area to the injection machine, the installation of the mold between the platens and basic mold start-up and operating procedures.

    Lesson 2: Mold Troubleshooting, Removal and Storage

    This lesson discusses potential mold problems that may occur during operation, as well as the procedures for machine shutdown, mold removal and mold maintenance and proper storage.



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    • }Length: 2 Lessons – 2-3 Hours of Training
    • Language: English
    • *Recommended: All Personnel
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