Goals of this Course:

    A complete offering of blueprint and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) training by industry leader Tec-Ease, Inc. that’s delivered online anywhere and on any device.

    GD&T is one of the most powerful tools available that can improve quality, reduce cost and shorten delivery time. All of this is possible when the concurrent engineering team is involved with the creation of the drawing. The drawing is a common thread that ties these groups together. They all are involved with the engineering drawing. GD&T on the drawing must first and foremost capture design intent. However, the best design in the world is worthless if it cannot be produced. That is why it is necessary for production/vendors and quality to be involved with the requirements that are placed on the drawing. When they are not involved, the drawings often have overly tight tolerances and result in non-producible parts. At least not producible at the quality level, cost and timeliness expected by industry.

    Nearly every company in the United States and many companies around the world use the ASME Y14.5 standard on GD&T. There is an ISO standard but it is in a state of flux. Because of this the Y14.5 standard is recognized and used around the world. Process engineers, part and mold designers, mold making machinists, and others will learn the basics of drafting and reading blueprints and engineering drawings, a crucial skill in part design and fabrication.

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    • }8 Lessons – 15-20 Hours of Training
    • Language: English
    • *Recommended: Entry level Personnel, All Personnel
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