Goals of this Course:

    • Introduces the types of hot runners and components in use today
    • Shows and explains plastic flow through the hot runner system
    • Teaches effective start-up, operating and troubleshooting procedures when molding with a hot runner

    Using stunning 3-D technology and digital video imaging, this course takes the learner inside the mold and hot runner and examines the many components that make up the system. This fully interactive five-lesson course provides more than 9 hours of training examining the hot runner components including the manifold, nozzle and gate. Important start- up and steady-state operating techniques specifically for the hot runner system are demonstrated, including ways to optimize the production run and how to work safely around a molding machine equipped with a hot runner system. In addition to examining the parts of the hot runner and how plastic flows through the hot runner system, this program also demonstrates effective set-up and operating techniques and procedures when hot runner molding.

    Additionally, lessons cover and review recommended troubleshooting and safety techniques and explore, in detail, proper hot runner set-up, start-up and shutdown procedures. As a bonus, the final lesson in the course identifies common molding problems and describes procedures to help your personnel maintain and optimize your hot runner injection molding system.

    Lesson 1: Components & Operation of a Hot Runner Manifold

    In this lesson, we will introduce the hot runner system and its various components including: the manifold, melt channel considerations and various manifold heating methods. 

    Lesson 2: Nozzle Tip & Gate Design, Components & Operation

    In this lesson we will introduce the various nozzle and gating styles available in hot runner systems today, including the open or “thermal” gate, hot tip gate, and valve gate methods. We will also examine proper nozzle positioning in the manifold, as well as various nozzle heating methods.

    Lesson 3: Nozzle & Manifold Temperature Control & Common Hot Runner Applications

    In this lesson we will discuss nozzle and manifold temperature control including those control methods used specifically in the nozzle tip and gate area. We will also explore ways hot runner systems are used with stack molds and multi-material injection molding processes.

    Lesson 4: Start-up, Molding Optimization, Color Change & Shutdown Procedures

    In this lesson we will discuss the typical set-up, start-up, and shutdown procedures for hot runner molding.  We will also review important color change procedures, as well as some safety tips for starting up and shutting down a hot runner system. Setting up and following proper start-up and shut down guidelines will allow molders to accurately and safely start, operate and shutdown the hot runner injection-molding machine.

    Lesson 5: Troubleshooting Techniques, Solving Processing Problems & Safety

    In this lesson we will learn how to effectively troubleshoot the hot runner molding system and explore ways to identify and correct some of the more common processing problems that may arise in a hot runner injection molding process. We will also discuss the recommended safety and maintenance procedures that should be followed when working around injection molding machines and hot runner molds.

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    • }Length: 5 Lessons – 8-10 Hours of Training
    • Language: English
    • *Recommended: Personnel who maintain and optimize your hot runner injection molding system
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