Thermoforming Training

Develop competencies in thermoforming technology with science based training. All Paulson courses approach training from the “plastic’s point of view” using the “4 plastic variables“… Heat, Flow, Pressure, and Cooling. Understanding processing plastic from a science based perspective immediately elevates your ability to produce better parts. 

Our comprehensive online thermoforming courses specialize in Thin Sheet Thermoforming and Thick Sheet thermoforming and both courses teach all aspects of the thermoforming process. 

Thin Sheet Thermoforming

This course was co-authored with industry expert Mark Strachan and offers complete training on all aspects of the thermoforming process. Topics covered include operation of the machinery used in thermoforming, the function of each comment in the thermoforming line, plastic behavior during the thermoforming process, sheet extrusion fundamentals, optimizing operating controls, safety around the thermoforming machinery and thermoforming for maximum efficiency and profit.

Thick Sheet Thermoforming

In this course, topics covered include the fundamentals of the thermoforming process, types of machines , in-line and rotary, the fine phases of the cycle, and the effects of each phase on quality and production. Personnel will become familiar with the causes of part variations resulting from heating, forming or cooling errors, and the after molding effects that can cause additional shrinkage and warp.

Our thermoforming training is built on decades of research and proven methods. You will learn to “think” how to produce parts and not just guess. Our intensive online training courses and seminars will help you and your team go further. Prepare your team today with these intensive online lessons.





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