Goals of this Course:

  • Demonstrate Proper Safety
  • Demonstrate Proper Injection Unit Maintenance
  • Demonstrate Proper Screw & Barrel Maintenance
  • Demonstrate Proper Clamping Unit Maintenance
  • Demonstrate Proper Hydraulic System Maintenance
  • Demonstrate Proper Electrical System Maintenance

Proper hands-on maintenance techniques provide increased reliability and uptime for your molding machines. The Injection Molding Machine Maintenance interactive training program demonstrates the proper machine maintenance procedures for all hydraulic injection molding machines.

This 3-hour interactive training course demonstrates and teaches the hands-on maintenance techniques that provide increased reliability and uptime for your molding machines. The importance of establishing a regular maintenance schedule, including tools and techniques is reinforced. All machine systems, hydraulic, electrical and mechanical, are covered in this course. Also highlighted is the importance of safety in the workplace and performing on-going safety system checks.

Lesson 1: Injection Molding Machine Maintenance — Part 1

This lesson describes the importance of safety when performing routine maintenance on your injection molding machine and includes demonstrations of safety practices such as lockout/tag-out procedures and working with various types of safety systems on an injection molding machine.

This lesson also examines the maintenance schedules and recommended procedures for the injection unit and screw & barrel, as well as corrective maintenance procedures for the clamping unit.

Lesson 2: Injection Molding Machine Maintenance — Part 2

This lesson continues to explore the general maintenance requirements for injection molding machines. The lesson also describes recommended maintenance procedures and schedules for the hydraulic and electrical systems of the injection molding machine.

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  • }Length: 2 Lessons - 2-3 Hours of Training
  • Language: English
  • *Recommended For: Production personnel, supervisors and managers
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