Injection Molding Training

Enhance your injection molding skills with science based training.

Paulson is known for leading the way and approaching training from the “plastic’s point of view” using the “4 plastic variables“… Heat, Flow, Pressure, and Cooling. Understanding processing plastic from a science based perspective immediately elevates your ability to produce better parts with less waste, less down-time, and overall increased efficiencies. Our injection molding training is built on decades of research and proven methods. And, unlike any other training, Paulson incorporates innovative learning tools like interactive instruction, where the learner reviews video and progresses through each lesson and module upon correctly answering the lesson questions; and pioneering molding simulation generated by Paulson’s powerful SimTech Injection Molding Machine Simulator. You will learn to “think” how to produce parts and not just guess. Our intensive online training courses and seminars will help you and your team go further. Prepare your team today, select from the following available injection molding courses.

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