Goals of this Course:

    Your employees will get an overview and understanding of the thermoforming process and operation of the machinery used in thermoforming, the function of each component of the thermoforming line, plastic behavior during the thermoforming process, sheet extrusion fundamentals, optimizing operating controls, safety around the thermoforming machinery and thermoforming for maximum efficiency and profit.

    Thin Sheet Thermoforming is a comprehensive six lesson, interactive online training program designed specifically for the training needs of the thin sheet thermoforming manufacturer. This in-depth course offers complete training on all aspects of the thermoforming process.

    Thin Sheet Thermoforming is one of the most common processes for making a wide variety of consumer and industrial plastic parts. It’s also one of the fastest growing of the plastics manufacturing industries and employs thousands of personnel. While simple in concept, thermoforming is a complex process requiring knowledgeable and skilled personnel at all levels in the plant. Thin sheet thermoforming is also known as “thin gauge thermoforming” and “roll-fed thermoforming”.

    Lesson 1 – The Machinery and Plastic Behavior

    Lesson 2 – Thermoforming Process – Plastic Materials and Properties

    Lesson 3 – Pre-Heating and Heating the Plastic

    Lesson 4 – Transport of Plastic Sheet through the Thermoforming Line

    Lesson 5 – Mold Design, Machine Controls, Forming and Cooling the Parts

    Lesson 6 – Part Trimming and Finished Part Properties

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    • }6 Lessons – 10-12 Hours of Training
    • Language: English
    • *Recommended: All Personnel
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