Goals of this Course:

    • Increase employee SPC skills
    • Maintain correct SPC procedures
    • Document employee SPC training
    • Train new personnel in SPC requirements

    This course, specifically designed for plastic processors, will assure that production floor personnel understand and can apply Statistical Process Control concepts on the production floor. The training focuses on increasing SPC skills, maintaining correct SPC procedures, and documenting and training new personnel in SPC requirements.

    Lesson 1 – Measuring and Plotting Process Variations

    This session describes the application of Statistical Process Control methods to plastics processing. Lesson 1 is designed for operating personnel who must understand how SPC works. Part measurements are used to develop distribution curves and control charts. Explanations are provided for SPC terms including data collection, distributions, data plotting and setting control limits.

    Lesson 2 – Developing and Using Control Charts

    This session continues the application of SPC by showing how X-bar and R-charts are developed from part measurements. The technique for calculating upper and lower control limits is illustrated step-by-step. Control charts are analyzed, along with the rules for determining in-control and out-of-control situations.  No advanced mathematical ability is required.

    Lesson 3 – Process Monitoring and Problem Solving

    This session explains Cp and Cpk ratios, which are valuable indicators of the capability of a process to conform to customer specifications. The Pareto method of problem evaluation and the Ishikowa method of problem analysis are described to aid in identifying the causes of problems.

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    • }Length: 3 Lessons – 5-6 Hours of Training
    • Language: English
    • *Recommended For: All Production Floor Personnel
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