Goals of this Course:

    Enhance your knowledge of extrusion blow molding technology with science based training. All Paulson courses approach training from the “plastic’s point of view” using the “4 plastic variables“… Heat, Flow, Pressure, and Cooling. Understanding processing plastic from a science based perspective immediately elevates your ability to produce better parts.

    This comprehensive online blow molding technology course teaches the blow molder how to exercise accurate control over the extrusion blow molding process. The program starts with the fundamentals. It then builds on that by teaching how plastics behave during blow molding start-up, operation, and shutting down the blow molding process including key strategies on how to expertly troubleshoot the blow molding process and parison programming.

    Our blow molding training is built on decades of research and proven methods. You will learn to “think” how to produce parts and not just guess. Our intensive online training courses and seminars will help you and your team go further. Prepare your team today with these intensive blow molding lessons.

    Key Takeaways

    • Develop a working knowledge of blow molding machinery
    • Evaluate and improve operating procedures
    • Recognize processing conditions that affect quality
    • Analyze and solve practical blow molding problems

    Lesson 1 – The Process and the Equipment

    This lesson presents an overview of the extrusion blow molding process, the types of blow molding machines used, general characteristics of die heads, machine specifications and processing behavior of plastic.

    Lesson 2 – Plastic Behavior

    A scientific examination of plastic, including molecular structure, the effects of pressure, temperature, flow rate and cooling. Explains the characteristics, types, structure, size and processing behavior of plastics and how finished part properties can be affected.

    Lesson 3 – Extrusion Blow Molding Operating Controls

    This lesson provides a description of the blow molding process, explaining machine operating controls and effects of their adjustments on plastic behavior and the finished part. Outlines the interdependency of process control adjustments and how they affect the plastic and each other.

    Lesson 4 – Operating Procedures – Start-up, Operation, and Shutdown

    Explains how to set machine controls, determine optimum control settings, and operate machines safely and efficiently. Shows personnel how to evaluate and improve operating procedures.

    Lesson 5 – Part Quality and Problem Solving – Part 1

    Describes processing variations and problems and their effects on finished part properties. An explanation of flow law theory that describes plastic behavior in the die head. Includes examinations of parison swell variations, doughnut formation, parison curl and curtaining.

    Lesson 6 – Part Quality and Problem Solving – Part 2

    A continued analysis of commonly encountered blow molding problems, including melt fracture, venting, horizontal rings, parison sag, holes, discoloration, streaking, and mold caused defects.

    Lesson 7 – Parison Programming

    An overview of the parison programming process, including an explanation of effects of control adjustments, master control points, determining the program set-up and explanations of time control and position control programming.

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    • }Length: 7 Lessons – 12-14 Hours of Training
    • Language: English, Spanish
    • *Recommended For: Machine Operators, Material Handlers, Set-up Personnel, Production Supervisors
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