Goals of this Course:

    • Train production and design personnel to analyze, identify and correct 11 of the most common and costly plastic molded part defects
    • Expand problem-solving capabilities and improve quality
    • Dramatically reduce reject rates
    • Maximize profits through efficient, defect-free scientific molding techniques

    Paulson’s popular online course has a fresh new look with expanded content and includes introductory segments featuring Plastics Pioneer and veteran industry educator Don Paulson. He gives insider information on the cause and effect method of problem analysis. Each lesson will help you learn to recognize and analyze plastic injection molded part defects from a scientific molding point of view. Gain valuable skills in order to solve a variety of production and management problems.

    This course is designed to train production personnel to recognize and analyze injection molded part defects from a scientific molding point of view. The course includes a description of machine control adjustments necessary to correct specific part defects. Includes in-depth explanations of causes and solutions to 11 of the most common molded part problems: Voids, Sink Marks, Short Shots, Flash, Weld (Knit) Lines, Splay (Silver Streaks), Jetting, Burn Marks, Warp, Cracks and Part Breakage, and Controlling Molded Part Dimensions.

    This program teaches injection molders, mold designers and part designers how to identify and correct the most common and costly molded part problems. Part defects are described and analyzed to show how each develops. The machine control adjustments and/or tooling and part design changes necessary to correct specific defects are explained in detail. Also included is an explanation for the cause and effect method of problem analysis – a very valuable technique for analyzing and solving all types of production and management problems.

    Lesson 1 – Voids

    Lesson 2 – Sink Marks

    Lesson 3 – Short Shots

    Lesson 4 – Flash

    Lesson 5 – Weld lines (Knit Lines)

    Lesson 6 – Splay (Silver Streaks)

    Lesson 7 – Jetting

    Lesson 8 – Burn Marks

    Lesson 9 – Warp

    Lesson 10 – Cracks and Part Breakage

    Lesson 11 – Controlling Molded Part Dimensions

    SkillBuilder Guided Labs

    Lesson 1:  Solving a Burnmark Problem

    The purpose of this lesson is for the student to learn some of the available molding techniques that will help eliminate a burn mark on a molded part.

    Lesson 2: Molding to Precise Dimensional Tolerances

    This SkillBuilder lesson conducts experiments using those machine controls that affect final part dimensions to lead the participant to a greater understanding of precisely controlling part dimensions.

    Lesson 3: Controlling Flash on a Molded Part

    This SkillBuilder lesson explores all the possible solutions for eliminating flash on a molded part.

    Lesson 4: Identifying and Solving Sinkmarks in Molded Parts

    This SkillBuilder lesson challenges the student to solve this problem in a variety of different ways.

    Lesson  5: Identifying and Solving Voids in Molded Parts

    This SkillBuilder lesson explores some molding methods to reduce or eliminate the formation of voids in a molded part.

    Lesson 6: Solving Warp in Molded Parts

    The purpose of this SkillBuilder lesson is to demonstrate some molding methods that will reduce or eliminate warp (distortion) in molded parts

    Lesson 7: Minimizing Weldline Formation and Appearance

    The purpose of this SkillBuilder lesson is to show molding techniques on how to reduce and even eliminate the visual appearance of weldlines on a molded product

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    • }Length: 11 Lessons + 7 SkillBuilder™ Lab Lessons - 15-20 Hours of Training
    • Language: English, Spanish
    • *Recommended: Production and Design Personnel
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