Put Your Molding Skills to the Test!


Are you a hot-shot molder? Find out in Paulson’s series of monthly injection molding challenges announced this week. The molding challenge features Paulson’s state-of-the-art online injection molding simulation software SimTechTM  .  SimTech is the result of decades of data and research compiled by Paulson founder Don Paulson and programmed by AI developer Chuck Paulson, eldest of Don Paulson’s children, and developer Phil Sherlock. This powerful, sophisticated software has the amazing capability to process over 26 million molding calculations. It’s an incredible tool designed to reinforce molding knowledge in a life-like virtual manner without wasting actual machine time, plastic material, or risk breaking the mold. In the challenge, participants can earn points each month for a chance to win $3,000 worth of training from Paulson, plus, be listed in Paulson’s real-time leaderboard!

How Does the Challenge Work?

Each month, Paulson’s molding experts will devise a new molding problem for challengers to solve. For example, you will be challenged to mold a specific part without any defects and with the fastest cycle time. Once you’re in SimTech™, you will see the virtual control panel where you will be able to view the part, the plastic, and the machine specs in order to “mold” your part effectively. Bonus points are given, BUT if you need to access “hints,” points will be lost.

Paulson also has a leaderboard listed on their website that spotlights the top 30 challengers and their scores. The leaderboard also displays the ranking of company teams since there are several companies and their staff taking the challenge. One company, PMT in Wisconsin, is offering an extraordinary award of $10,000 to anyone of his staff that wins the challenge!

Using the challenge or employing “gamification” engages individuals and teams is one of the best ways to instill cognitive ability. Participants are more likely to retain learned concepts when actively participating in learning and doing. So, take the challenge. See how you rank. While winning is fun, the actual goal here is to learn.

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