Basic Training For New Employees In The Plastics Industry


plastics employee basic trainingMany plastics processors are seeing an up-tick in business. The auto industry is finally growing, housing showed some signs of life last month and medical is always pretty stable.

Regardless of what you are injection molding or extruding or blow molding, if you’re hiring, you need to train those new employees. And they need to get up to speed fast. Does your company have a system in place to assure that a new injection molding machine operator or extruder operator will be at a certain level of knowledge and skill after week 1? After week 2? How about on Day 30?

If not, your company doesn’t have a systemized approach to training. This is a fundamental mistake that more and more companies are paying the price for.

If you think training is “too expensive”, add up the production mistakes directly attributable to improperly trained employees over a 6 month period. If you’re a typical injection molder or extrusion company, that number will seem impossibly high. But that is the cost of not training.

Imagine what kind of military we would have if they armed forces did away with “Basic Training”. Regardless of where you work in the plastics industry, knowing the basics and building on that foundation is key. Your employees will appreciate it and your company will profit handsomely from it.

If you are interested (and you should be), Paulson Training Programs has interactive “Basic Training” for new employees that brings them up to speed faster and more cost-effectively than on-the-job training ever could – and do it cheaper. Of course, there will still be some one-on-one training for company specific information and procedures.

But there is a lot of standard information that you want taught in a consistent, repeatable way, and not just to new employees. Experienced employees can benefit also. And with any Paulson interactive program, you can customize it with your company-specific information to make your training program even more cost-effective.

Basic Training for  Injection Molding

Basic Training for Extrusion

Basic Training for Blow Molding

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