Scientific Molding Before It Was COOL

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Was browsing through a forum at the Plastics Today website and ran across a thread that brought back memories. Today, Decoupled Molding™” and Scientific Molding are commonplace. But when did these concepts REALLY begin to be used in the injection molding industry. The answer is 1968-69. Don Paulson (CEO of Paulson Training) and Rod Groleau were the real pioneers. No doubt the technology has improved and evolved, but it all started with Control Process, Inc. – Don Paulson President; Rod Groleau, Vice President.

“The company I worked for, many years ago made the quantum leap of transfer by boost timer to transfer by cavity pressure. The system including training was by a company called CPI or Control Process Incorporated. The principals were Rod Groleau and Don Paulson.

At that time, I, a young molder wasn’t aware of transfer by position and can’t remember it being discussed in the training videos of the precusor of what became “Scientific or Decoupled Molding.

In the early ’80’s we bought a T Line Cinci off the NPE Show floor. It had a curious limit switch at the front of the shot size cam rod /indicator. I asked the Cinci tech it’s purpose, and he wasn’t able to really explain. If I remember, the press had a booster (1st stage) timer also, we fitted xcavity pressure to it. It could also transfer on hydraulic pressure.”

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