Paulson’s AI Technology, SimTech™ Yields Challenge Winners at NPE2018


Don Paulson, chairman, Paulson Training Programs, Inc., demonstrates SimTech’s AI capabilities as an injection molding simulator.

CHESTER, CT —  Trusted industry training provider Paulson Training Programs, Inc. announced the winners of the first ever Paulson NPE2018 SimTech™ Molding Challenge. The Challenge, held during the week of NPE2018, was for injection molders game enough to test their molding skills by solving four progressively complex molding problems using SimTech™ – Paulson’s advanced injection molding simulator.  Paulson awarded prizes to six runner ups, (view list of winners from each challenge here:, with the top prize of Best Molder going to Roy Anderson from Nolato Contour of Baldwin, Wisconsin. Over 110 molders participated.

Using sophisticated AI technology, Paulson’s Molding Challenge consisted of four consecutive problems released each evening during the Show. In order to win, participants logged onto Paulson’s online injection molding simulator SimTech™, followed the instructions to mold the specified part without any errors, alarms, and, with the best (lowest) cycle time. For example, the toughest and final challenge, Challenge #4, required the molder to mold a 6.5” x 6.5” cover with a thickness of .080. The specified plastic material was ABS. In order to win, the following had to occur:

  1. Eliminate all part defects.
  2. Reduce cycle time to a minimum while continuing to mold a part without defects.
  3. Achieve the same temperature for both the melt temp and front zone barrel temp for a 2% bonus.

Successful completion and achieving the best cycle time yielded the winner.

“It was a pleasure experimenting with [SimTech], I have always been a fan and a proponent of all the Paulson products. I started with the Paulson Tape series back in the ‘80’s and have always found Paulson’s products helpful and informative, also a useful set of tools for training newcomers to plastic injection molding,” said Grand Prize winner Roy Anderson, manufacturing engineer with Nolato Contour.

In addition, through Roy’s winning expertise, Roy’s company Nolato Contour also received prizes. The company won three online seats for three months to Paulson’s The Technology of Injection Molding – Level One and Injection Molding Fundamentals.

SimTech™ is the brain child of Don Paulson – literally. An early version of AI technology, SimTech is built on decades of research, data, and thousands of scientific formulas conducted by veteran plastics educator and engineer Donald Paulson. Taking Don’s vast data and injection molding knowledge, MIT Grads Chuck Paulson, AI Developer/Programmer (eldest son of Donald Paulson), and Phil Sherlock, Systems Engineer developed SimTech’s architecture and functionality.

At NPE, visitors to the Paulson booth were lucky enough to meet Don Paulson who gave demonstrations of SimTech showing the power of this proprietary and unique online tool.

Anyone can try SimTech. A 14-day trial is available, and a monthly subscription can be purchased. It’s ideal for molders to test out their data before molding an actual part. More challenges will be announced giving even more people the chance to test their molding skills.

All of the Paulson programs are based on the Paulson Method, a logical step-by-step approach that teaches processing “from the plastics point of view,” a term coined by Donald C. Paulson well over 40 years ago. This proven teaching method builds processing knowledge by focusing on the four variables that control the molding process: heat, flow, pressure and cooling.

For additional information about Paulson’s SimTech™  and other Paulson Training products, visit or call 1-800-826-1901; or connect with us via email


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