Paulson Names February SimTech Challenge Winners


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Results of the February SimTech Challenge

Kicking off with a bang, our first Simtech™ Injection Molding Challenge for 2020 was a real nail-biter! Over 700 participated with 57 earning scores, which means if you were able to score, then consider yourself among an elite group of molders. The top 4 participants were separated by just 67 thousands of a point (0.067)! A round of applause for all the talented molding “athletes” out there who make this challenge so competitive. Incredibly, at the last minute, Johnny Ash, from Preformed Line Products, swooped in for the Gold. Not far behind him, we had three molding superstars from team MCM, Joey Hall taking silver, Dakota Frohriep securing bronze and Conner Thompson with a strong 4th place.  Congratulations to you all! To learn more about our monthly SimTech Molding Challenges visit details here.

Now for the prizes:

1st place – Johnny Ash – wins a Simtech™ hat and t-shirt and $500 off a ProMolder class

2nd place – Joey Hall – wins a Simtech™ hat and $300 off a ProMolder class

3rd place – Dakota Frohriep – wins a Simtech™ t-shirt and $200 off a ProMolder class

Mr. Ash was our overall 2019 SimTech Challenge winner. He is definitely the man to beat. To keep things fair, and because this year we’re doing monthly challenges, we’re limiting the wins. Once you achieve FIRST PLACE, you cannot claim another monthly prize again for the year. If you won SECOND or THIRD PLACE, you can still work your way up to FIRST and claim the top spot. If you’re not eligible to win the monthly prizes again, it doesn’t mean you can’t compete. You can still accumulate points to win the GRAND PRIZE at the end of the year. So keep participating and let’s see who will be the one to knock Mr. Ash off the podium and be the Plastics industry’s next Reigning Molding Champion? Warning: This won’t be easy.

Having Fun with these Competitions?

Imagine the team of skilled molders you could create if SimTech was in your plant 24-7? Your employees could be improving their molding expertise in a safe, low-cost environment, building critical thinking and troubleshooting skills. And you can stage your own friendly in-house competitions.  It’s proven, molding simulation is the best and most cost-effective way to become a better molder. You don’t want your employees making their mistakes or trying new techniques on the production floor at an actual machine—now that’s a costly way to learn. The simulation of complex processes is quickly becoming the gold standard of skill development. SimTech is the answer for injection molding.

Here’s just a few of the applications you can employ with SimTech:

  • Hiring Qualified Employees – Before hiring a potential employee, test their knowledge and skills with problem solving exercises in Simtech.
  • Technician Promotion – Give your candidates for promotion a test before you make that decision.
  • In-plant Competitions to promote learning and discussion – Have your own competitions amongst your team. Have a discussion on what process settings work and why.

Just hearing about this? Want to join in on all the fun? Sign up and learn more here.

To learn more about SimTech and all the other skill development courses Paulson offers, visit or call 1-800-826-1901; or contact us via email

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