Customized Plastics Training – Make Your Paulson Program Your Own


customized Paulson TrainingDid you know that Paulson plastics training programs are customizable? If you have the CD-based versions of our courseware, you can pretty easily add some nice customization’s to the program to make it better for your employees. (Here’s a good article on the ROI from customized training)

Built into the software that manages our training is the capability to add custom questions, pictures, and any type of graphic file and/or audio file you would like. These can be pictures of injection molded parts, part defects, your molding machines and/or production floor… the list goes on.

Here’s an example of how you might use customization. Let’s say that in one of our lessons for operators, we don’t mention a safety policy that is specific to your injection molding company. You need that information conveyed to everyone, but it obviously isn’t feasible to verbally tell each trainee after the lesson about this policy.

Here’s what you do. Create a simple slide that explains the policy. Include pictures if needed. Then have someone narrate what is on the slide, and record it in an audio file. Now, just use the customize feature (fully described in the Courseworks manual) to insert those elements exactly where you want them.

Now when employees take the training lesson, they will all automatically get the new information as part of the lesson. Insert a question after the safety information and you have documentation that they saw the information and correctly answered one or more questions about it.

This is by no means limited to just safety information. If you have implemented scientific molding in your plant, you can add content specific to how you approach your scientific molding process documentation.

Customization is available for all of our CD based programs: injection molding, decoupled molding, hot runner training, extrusion courses, extrusion blow molding, twin screw extrusion and more. If you haven’t yet explored the power of customizing your training, you may want to take a look at it. You can multiply your training investment many times by tailoring it to your plant.

Don’t have the time to learn or do this yourself? Give us a call or fill out our Request Info form with your customization project and we’ll quote you a “done-for-you” solution.

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