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The Molding Technician bundle is where your employees start to learn the injection molding process in depth. Having built a solid foundation of knowledge up to this point, your employees are now challenged to apply what they have learned about injection molding through the use of guided injection molding machine simulator lab lessonsPaulson’s SkillBuilder™ lab lessons present your employees with very realistic real-world scenarios that give them the chance to apply what they have learned in the previous lessons. Giving your employees the chance to actually use their knowledge of injection molding on a realistic injection molding machine simulator adds that very important bridge between “learning” and “doing”. This bundle also introduces the molder to the concept of learning injection molding “from the plastic’s point of view.”

Recommended For: Entry Level Personnel, All Personnel

Length: 12 – 17 Hours of Training

Language: English and Spanish

Lessons Included:

skillcheck Assessment
When training new injection molding machine operators or standardizing training for your current operators, it is important to know what their current knowledge and skill levels are. That is what skillcheck for machine operators does for you. Give your operators the assessment and you will know their areas of strength and weakness and have a baseline to measure their training progress.

Injection Molding Fundamentals (2 hours)
This course introduces new hires to the injection molding process. Some of the topics covered include basic operation of the injection molding machine and secondary equipment, safety on the injection molding production floor and around your molding machines, plus the fast and accurate identification of part defects . This course will teach your personnel production efficiency, safety and teamwork.

The Technology of Injection Molding Level One (10-15 hours)
Build the Foundation. This robust new course has Paulson’s innovative SkillBuilder™ Lab lessons built right in. Each lesson has stunning HD graphics and videos, and teaches technical concepts in easily digestible segments. Students will learn the basic foundations of injection molding including the most important on how to process plastic from the “plastics point of view” (PPV). Paulson pioneered this method with the “Four Primary Variables” concept now widely adopted as the basis of teaching plastics processing.Request Information

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